Sales & Inventory Reports

Make smarter business decisions to stay ahead of the game with real-time inventory and sales reporting.

Take Control Of Your Store

Tracking your numbers has never been easier. Whether you want an in-depth report on last week’s sales history, or you just want to see how many units were on the shelf this morning, Thrive sales and inventory reports are the key to creating a successful business strategy. 


Thrive connects with your point of sale system and your e-commerce store so you have an instant snapshot of how your business is performing as a whole.

In-Depth Data

Expand your reporting capabilities, without costly, additional third-party apps. Access a number of pre-built reports and our powerful custom report builder.

User Friendly

Our reports are easy to use with lots of filters and customization options. Slice and dice the exact data you want and export as a CSV to simplify bookkeeping.

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Powerful Insights Your Business is Missing

With Thrive’s robust reporting engine, you’re ready to grow your business and take control of your inventory with accurate data. Hone in on finances, slow-moving product, stock forecasting, vendor performance, and more. 

Sales Reports

Once all your sales channels are connected with Thrive's inventory management app, we’ll pull in three months of historical sales information so you can immediately begin using reports.

Eliminate “guesstimating” with detailed profitability reports so you can make decisions confidently and report with accuracy.

  • Profitability
  • Sell-through
  • Category sales
  • Discounts
  • Vendor sales
  • Bundling
  • Inventory Reports

    Currently, most POS and e-commerce platforms don’t have the capabilities to report on inventory change. Inventory reports are essential for knowing exact profitability, inventory valuation, and remaining stock.

    These reports are based on Thrive's record-keeping of your inventory levels, eliminating the need for those confusing excel templates.

  • Inventory valuation
  • Dead inventory
  • Expiration date tracking
  • Inventory change
  • Stock forecasting
  • Saved & Scheduled Reports

    Bookmark reports with the exact data points you depend on daily, weekly, and monthly to run your business.

    Want up-to-date insights delivered straight to your email inbox? Schedule reports right in time for your morning cup of coffee.

    Custom Reports

    Custom report dashboards are unique to Thrive for complete control of the data you want to see and how you display it.

    Choose from a variety of inventory and sales data points, the time frame you would like to see, and what sales channels/locations you want to include.

    Why Businesses Choose Thrive Sales And Inventory Reports

    Inventory management has been much more easy to handle. There are also many types of reports that you can generate to get more insight into your performing products.
    Petit Moi
    Thrive has enabled us to make smarter business choices through data and analytics that are imperative for operations, development and overall growth.
    Assenti's Pasta
    The reports are easy to access, tracking/audit logs are great to have, bonus feature they go back further than Shopify's 250. So much information in one place has been a huge time saver.
    Sabattus Disc Golf, Inc.
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    Join Thrive and start saving on average 1 hour per day per location. Get advanced features such as custom inventory reports, barcode scanning, automatic purchase orders, price tag printing and more.

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    3 Years
    Global Currency Support
    Dashboard Reporting App
    Barcode Scanner App
    Alexa Voice Command
    Catalog / Menu Management
    SKU Creation
    Lot COGS Management
    Custom Reporting Engine
    Product Profitability Reports
    Theft / Discount Reports
    Inventory Change Reports
    Dead Inventory Reports
    Inventory Valuation Reports
    Low Inventory Reports
    Low Stock Alerts
    Price Tag / Label Printing
    Stocktakes and Approvals
    Pricing Calculator
    Modifiers Configuration
    Modifiers Inventory Tracking
    Expiration Dates
    Vendor Management
    Vendor Performance Reports
    Warehouse Feature
    Internal Transfers
    PAR Levels
    Automatic Purchase Orders
    Kits & Bundles Management
    Recipe / Ingredients Tracking
    Spreadsheet Upload Tools
    User Access Permissions
    Barcode Scan Stocktakes
    Barcode Scan Invoices
    Barcode Scan Purchase Orders
    Barcode Scan Transfers
    Intelligent Stock Forecasting
    Automatic Stock Transfers
    Beta Feature Access
    Google for Retail Integration
    QuickBooks Daily Sync
    Optional +$30

    *Inordinate data request or API volume may be throttled or blocked at the sole discretion of Shopventory.