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It’s simple! You have a 30-day full feature free trial. No credit card required.

You are encouraged to heavily use your free trial and ask as many questions as you can during the 30-day period. Click here to sign up for a 30-day free trial!

Thrive offers a great Getting Started walkthrough help article. We also offer a complimentary setup call once you sign up. The Thrive team will make sure your sales system is connected correctly and answer any basic questions.

Nope. Thrive is simply pay-as-you-go after your 30-day free trial, so you’ll be charged monthly and can cancel at any time.

You are welcome to pay for a year in advance to receive a discount.

Nope. Just a set monthly (or annual) charge covers all of Thrive!

Yes, always! We work with Stripe, one of the world’s leading payment processors, to ensure all your credit card details are encrypted and locked up safe and sound. All other data sent to Thrive is encrypted with 256-bit encryption. Tough stuff!

You can view our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service here.

Managing Multiple Sales Channels

That’s easy! You can create separate locations and connect the corresponding sales channel to each location. That way each location will have its own pool of inventory.

Support for multiple sales channels and locations starts with our Standard plan which allows for 2 locations and 2 integrations. The Professional plan allows for 5 locations and 5 integrations. The Elite plan allows for 10 locations and 10 integrations. For more details, check out our Pricing page!

Why yes they do! Sales transactions get pulled into Thrive in real time so you’ll see the sale reflected within 5-10 minutes on average.

For more information on how syncing works with Thrive, check out this help article: How Thrive Syncs.

Absolutely. A warehouse location is one without a sales integration connected to it. You can manage the inventory separately for the warehouse from the other locations. You can also carry out internal transfers from the warehouse to the other locations to restock them.


Learn more about warehouse inventory.

Absolutely. We support Clover, Shopify, Square, BigCommerce and WooCommerce (with more coming soon!). Thrive will support any combination of these point of sale providers in one easy to use, business management platform.

Sure thing! A good example of how this works is if you have a brick-and-mortar store that uses one POS (Clover, Shopify, Square) and an online store through Shopify, BigCommerce or WooCommerce, you can connect both sales channels under the same “location” in Thrive. When you make a sale through your online store, Thrive will deduct the quantity from both your POS and online store and vice versa.

That’s easy! You can create separate locations and connect the corresponding sales channel to each location. That way each location will have its own pool of inventory.

Support for multiple sales channels and locations starts with our Standard plan which allows for 2 locations and 2 integrations. The Professional plan allows for 5 locations and 5 integrations. The Elite plan allows for 10 locations and 10 integrations. For more details, check out our Pricing page!

Integrations and Locations

An integration is a point of sale system (POS) or an e-commerce service provider. For example, the integrations that Thrive supports are: Clover, Shopify, Square, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce, with more coming soon.

A Thrive “location” is a separate pool of inventory. So if you have two stores, each with its own pool of inventory, then each store will be considered its own Thrive location.

A “location” is a separate pool of inventory. So if you have a physical store location that has a pool of inventory and an online store that has its own pool of inventory that you want to keep separated, then your online store will be considered its own location.

On the other hand, if you want your physical store and your online store to share the same pool of inventory, you will need to connect both integrations under the same location. Read more about adding e-commerce to your store here!

Absolutely, we support unlimited locations! In fact, you can mix and match any of our supported integrations.


Now you get insights into how all of your locations are performing in one beautiful interface. Plus, you can drill down to individual locations to see detailed sales and inventory data. Compare and contrast locations at your leisure as well. We know you’re gonna love it!

No. One charge covers all locations on your plan.

Ordering and Receiving Products

Thrive’s one-click purchase order feature gives you several ways to streamline your ordering process. You can either set up low inventory alerts and/or PAR levels to Auto-Add Below PAR Products, or Auto-Add Low Inventory Products on a purchase order to replenish your inventory stock.

Learn more about Purchase Orders here!

When you’re logged in to your Thrive account, click on the envelope icon on the menu panel on the left side. You can set a general location based alert, or a very specific product or variant alert. Here’s some more information about setting up Alerts!

Simply put, a PAR level is the ideal quantity that you always want to have on hand. It’s low enough that you’re not going to run out of it right away, but you still want to re-order that product so you have enough time to restocked.

An Alert on the other hand is the second line of defense. You will be notified via email and on reports that the product has hit the low inventory level and you need to re-order asap.

To read up on how this works, check out this help article! PAR Levels vs. Alerts.

You’ve already done the hard work by creating the Purchase Order! When you’re receiving the order, open up the corresponding Purchase Order, click on the ‘Receive Inventory’ button at the bottom of the page and enter the quantity received. Thrive also supports receiving partial shipments.

Receiving a Purchase Order will automatically update the inventory quantities in Thrive.

Yes! You can enter the exact amount of product received, even if it’s a partial amount.

In a snap! With our Internal Transfers function, you can easily transfer products between locations. You can even keep track of these transfers with our In-transit Reports!

Tracking Recipes and Bundled Products

Why yes we do! Thrive’s Recipe/Ingredient tracking feature allows you to build a finished product with multiple components and track each one. You can even report on the profitability of the recipe!

Easy peasy. Thrive will track the finished bundled product as well as the components that make up the bundle. This includes profitability reporting on the whole bundle.

Learn more about Bundles here!

You’re in luck. That’s exactly what we do! You can use our Bundles feature to track the different ingredients that make up a drink, just as you would for a meal recipe.

Bundles Variants for pours is your answer! With bundle variants, you can ensure that inventory always comes out of the same place.

Advanced COGS Tracking

Yes! Thrive tracks COGS on the Lot Cost basis.

For example, if you purchase a Lot of products today at one cost, Thrive will associate that cost with each product in that Lot.

If while selling through that Lot you order a new Lot with a new cost, Thrive will continue to associate the original Lot with the original cost, then the new Lot with the new cost as it moves through the system (FIFO).

The Lot Cost is the cost entered for the latest shipment of inventory for a particular product.


For instance, a case of soda received in one shipment would be considered one Lot. Another case of that same soda received in a subsequent shipment will constitute another Lot.


The cost for each Lot of any product can change over time. A case of inventory purchased in January likely will not cost the same as a case of that same inventory purchased in June.


Therefore, each Lot received can be assigned its own cost and tracked over time.


For a more detailed explanation about the differences between a lot cost and default cost, check out this help article!

No problem! If your sales reports show that your products have cost as ‘Not set’, that means that those products did not have a cost associated at the time of sale.

After you have updated all your products with a default cost, Thrive will be able to backfill those costs and apply them to past sales and calculate historical profits. Read more about how to do this here!

Thrive will track your costs on a Lot Cost basis so you can assign a new cost for a new ‘Lot’ of products using our Purchase Orders function and easily receive a shipment.

Understanding the Value of My Inventory

Absolutely. From the Reports page, click on Inventory Report, then select the date and the time for which you want to generate an inventory report for. You can save this as PDF and/or CSV files.

The answer lies in doing regular cycle counts using Thrive’s various inventory counting tools! Here’s a helpful blog post we wrote!

We have tools such as: Stocktakes, Reconciliation Worksheet, Barcode Scanner Mobile App, and a Digital Spreadsheet to help you stay on top of your inventory counts.

Cash Flow Management

Yes we do! We offer a wide range of reports that give you an in-depth analysis of sales and the profitability of your products.


Here is an overview of the reports we offer: Reports Overview.

With the Dead Inventory Report, you can quickly and easily see all the products and variants that have not sold recently. With this report, you can make more informed decisions on which products to put on clearance and/or what not to order again.

Yes! For a quick view of profit margins, the main Inventory page will show you the profit margin % for products that have Cost and Price. This is shown in light gray, right underneath the Price.

Certainly! Once you’ve set up your Vendors and assigned products to them, you can generate a Vendor Sales Report in a snap and easily see which products from which vendors are selling the best and with the most profit.

Employee Access and Accountability

We actually recommend you add your team to Thrive! Our system is web-based, meaning anyone on your team can have access to Thrive from anywhere.

We have tons of different types of user permissions too. From viewing reports by a specific location, to receiving purchase orders and more.

Yes. Thrive has a built-in Audit Log in the Access Control panel that shows you who did what and when. This is available on a global account level, or on the individual product level.

Some of the available permissions are:

  • View reports
  • View cost & profit margins
  • Update stock counts & prices

All of our user permissions are location specific.


For a complete list of available permissions and descriptions, check out this help article: User Access Control.

Yes, we can. Use Thrive’s Discount Reports to keep your employee’s accountable.

For example, the Discount Reports will show all discounts that were given during a certain time period, so if you notice any unusual discounts being given during an employee’s shift, that would be something to look into.

Barcode/Label Printing

Yes and yes! Not only can you print tags and labels with Shopventory, we can also generate SKUs for you too! You can turn these SKUs into visual barcodes to be printed out on labels.

We support desktop, Brother, and Dymo printers with a variety of label templates. You can see the full list here.

You’re in luck! With Thrive’s Advanced task, you can have our system generate SKUs for all products without SKUs.

After that, simply print the labels! Here are specific directions on printing labels: Tag / Label Printing

SKU generation is included with ALL of our plans. You can even generate a unique SKU for each variant under a product! The SKU can then be printed out on a tag/label as a visual barcode that is scanned.

General Questions

Currently, we support Clover, Shopify, Square, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce, with more coming soon. We’ve got big plans!

A transaction is defined as a sale processed by your connected point of sale (POS) or e-commerce system. So making a sale (completing an order) in your store would count towards that limit.

The whole shebang. Thrive pulls all of your sales history from the moment you started using your point of sale system.

Yes! Thrive helps businesses of all sizes. Each business has unique needs and we’re excited to work with you to solve them.

Please email help@thrivemetrics.com or send us a message through the blue chat bubble at the bottom right-hand corner of the website if you’d like to cancel your account.

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