Bill Of Materials Software

Spend more time crafting products you’re passionate about and less time tracking stock levels for raw materials. Thrive takes care of deducting and crediting the proper quantities for your product line.

Centralize Stock Counts For Your Entire Business

Run your production line smoothly and deduct raw material levels with the click of a button. Thrive’s bill of materials software manages your product line from the production floor to the showroom.

Real-Time Costs

Costs and material levels are automatically calculated at the time of assembly rather than the time of sale.

Track Material Inventory

Thrive supports complex product lines, tracking materials throughout the entire supply chain.

Built Right Every TIme

Provide your customers with the same quality products every time with a production line that runs like clockwork.

Who We Partner With

Run An Effective Production Line

Build and curate a product line unique to your competitors, like custom skateboards. Linked quantities mean accurate raw material tracking so you never have to guess when to reorder parts or face stockouts. Just create the product and Thrive will deduct all its components.

Bill Of Materials Templates

Build repeatable production templates that contain all the materials for a specific product, like a skateboard. When you run the template, the correct quantities are deducted from the component list (wheels, deck, bolts) and your product inventory (the skateboard) will increase depending on your production size.

Assembly Costs

Track additional costs that come with each new run your team produces, whether that’s labor or new packaging for each skateboard. This will be added to the unit lot cost of your end product so you can price your collection for how much it’s actually worth.

Automate Re-Ordering

Scale your production line by re-ordering raw materials in minutes. Instantly add low-stock components to your next order and email professionally branded Purchase Orders to your vendors directly in Thrive.

Inventory History

Always know exactly where your components are allocated, such as how many skateboard wheels were used in the production line and how many are being sold on the store floor. Thrive's inventory history provides a closer look at component additions and deductions for a specific product.

Why Businesses Choose Thrive Bill Of Materials

To be able to keep track of all of our inventory between multiple platforms is going to help us immensely on keeping our inventory accurate.
Saratoga Olive Oil
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We're a medium sized company with many complex moving parts, i.e. retail, wholesale, warehouse, manufacturing, e-commerce, and fulfillment center. Thrive has completely streamlined how we caculate cost, stock counts, and internal data for our multi channel system of operations
Assenti's Pasta
Thrive has been a great solution for inventory management. We're able to manage inventory of two Shopify stores that use the same pool of raw materials.
Mugsby Wholesale
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