Why Choose Thrive Over Sortly For Retail Inventory Management

If you’re here to compare Thrive and Sortly, or looking for Sortly alternatives for your retail store, then you’re on the right track to finding a platform that help you run a better business. 

Thrive was built exclusively for small and medium-sized retail businesses that need a platform that will grow with them. This mission came to life with Thrive founder, Bach, who worked with his wife Hannah to design a platform for her retail store that didn’t only automate inventory tracking but provided her with better information. 

Top 3 Reasons Retailers Choose Thrive Over Sortly


Connect To Your Sales Channels

Because Thrive inventory management was designed for retailers, we actually sync stock counts to all the places you sell. That means when you sell a product in-store the stock count is reflected on your online store so you never oversell. You can connect a number of POS systems and e-commerce platforms we believe are the best in the industry (and we’re always adding more).

Sortly is an inventory management system designed to track inventory and equipment in the construction, education, and medical industries. While some retailers do use it, it requires manual stock adjustments after each sale or return for each location since it’s not connected to their sales channel. 

That just doesn’t cut it for most small businesses. Whether you’re the sole employee and don’t have time to manually adjust stock quantities each night or run a multi-location business across the country, Thrive works hand-in-hand with your POS and/or e-commerce system. 


Simplify Complex Inventory

Because Thrive is designed for inventory management, we go beyond just stock counts and low inventory alerts. Thrive manages all parts of your inventory, even if it’s really, really complicated. 

We built Assemblies, our bill of materials feature, to track inventory levels for raw materials, managing your entire product line from creation to sale. It’s designed for retailers, manufacturers, and makers looking to streamline and optimize their production process so they can focus on growing. 

We provide you with all the tools you need to have full transparency over your inventory. Never oversell, price your products for less than they’re worth, or re-order a slow-moving product.


Tools That Inspire You To Diversify Your Sales

Thrive was designed to break down barriers to growth. Small business owners need new channels which contribute to a stronger, diversified business. You need a platform that keeps up with you. 

With Thrive, you can easily run a wholesale operation, list your products on Google Shopping, open a second location, and design your own exclusive product line. Sortly, however, wasn’t built for retailers. So if you’re hoping to accelerate your sales with new channels, you need Thrive.

What Retailers Are Saying About Shopventory

Love how easy this app makes my life! Love the integrations and simplicity!! Support team is awesome for transitions or any other issues too!

We are very happy with Thrive, it has already started to make it easier to keep up with our inventory. We don't have a very big web-store but enough to keep us on our toes trying to keep track of all of it and transitioning from our huge spreadsheet to Thrive simplifies reports.

Being able to track movement of product between locations and generate purchase orders based on PAR levels will save me more than the cost of the software every month on my labor utilization and free up the team to do other more important things.

Thrive Vs. Sortly
At A Glance

Free 30-day trial
Offers a free plan
Chat support
Phone support
Enterprise plan
Onboarding support
Enterprise plan
Real-time stock counts
Connects to your POS and/or e-commerce platform
Requires barcode scanning to check out or manual updates
Barcode scanning
Low stock alerts
Pre-built reports
Custom reporting
Bill of materials
Automatic re-ordering
Vendor management

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The Big Difference Between Thrive And Sortly Retail Inventory Management

So if you’re a retail business owner, we understand firsthand what inventory management looks like, the information you need to run a healthy business, and the tools you need to grow. That’s why we the make strategic and operational aspects of your inventory fool-proof. 

All Features Available During Your 30-Day Free Trial
You're growing and need more tools like PO's, barcode scanning and more
Starting at $79/mo
Starting at $199/mo
Starting at $399/mo
Starting at $799/mo
Locations / Integrations
Products / Items / SKUs
Transactions Per Month
Order History
3 Years
Reporting History
3 Years
Global Currency Support
Dashboard Reporting App
Barcode Scanner App
Alexa Voice Command
Catalog / Menu Management
SKU Creation
Lot COGS Management
Custom Reporting Engine
Product Profitability Reports
Theft / Discount Reports
Inventory Change Reports
Dead Inventory Reports
Inventory Valuation Reports
Low Inventory Reports
Low Stock Alerts
Price Tag / Label Printing
Stocktakes and Approvals
Pricing Calculator
Modifiers Configuration
Modifiers Inventory Tracking
Expiration Dates
Vendor Management
Vendor Performance Reports
Warehouse Feature
Internal Transfers
PAR Levels
Automatic Purchase Orders
Kits & Bundles Management
Recipe / Ingredients Tracking
Spreadsheet Upload Tools
User Access Permissions
Barcode Scan Stocktakes
Barcode Scan Invoices
Barcode Scan Purchase Orders
Barcode Scan Transfers
Intelligent Stock Forecasting
Automatic Stock Transfers
Beta Feature Access
Google for Retail Integration
QuickBooks Daily Sync
Optional +$30

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