Why Choose Thrive Over Lightspeed Retail Inventory Management

The purpose of this page is to differentiate Thrive and Lightspeed Retail when it comes to inventory management. We’re not here to tell you which is better for your business because the truth is, it depends. So if you’re looking to figure out which platform is right for you, you’re in the right place. 

Yes, there are inventory and product differences between Thrive and Lightspeed Retail, but our biggest difference is at our core. 

Thrive was established to provide merchants with the confidence to run and grow a healthy and successful business through inventory management. Husband and wife team, together with their friend, started Thrive to better track inventory for a boutique store in San Diego, CA. Created by retailers for retailers, Thrive remains committed to offering powerful inventory tools for merchants of all sizes around the world today.

Top 3 Reasons Growing Businesses Choose Thrive Over Lightspeed Retail


We Let You Decide What’s Best For Your Business

Because we know your retail store is unique, we’re not going to force you to run your entire business a certain way. Thrive was designed for retailers that want flexibility. After all, your business in five years might not look like it does today, and we get that. 

With Thrive, you can connect a number of POS systems and e-commerce platforms we believe are the best in the industry (and we’re always adding more). Lightspeed Retail users have to go with their entire product suite, including their POS and e-commerce platform. More power to them, but that makes it hard for you to really control your business. 


Inventory Capabilities That Inspire You To Diversify Your Sales

Thrive was built to break down barriers to growth. Small business owners need new channels which contribute to a stronger, diversified business. You need a platform that keeps up with you and your growing inventory. 

With Thrive, easily run a wholesale operation or design your own exclusive product line. Our platform provides specific tools to track inventory from production to sale. When it comes to Lightspeed Retail, they’re a generalist which means they aren’t able to track your inventory when it starts to get complex. 


Support That (Actually) Supports You

Sure Lightspeed Retail offers free support, but their customers often find they’re non-responsive and when they do get ahold of them, they’re more talk than help. We get that Lightspeed Retail support is divided between their entire business, but that’s not our style. 

At Thrive, we’re only successful when you’re successful. That’s why you’ll never catch us making empty promises or leaving you hanging. Our team will be by your side during your entire 30-day free trial (because we know 2 weeks is not enough time to try out an inventory management software). Whether you want someone to help set up your account, show you everything Thrive is capable of, or just answer a question every now and then, we’ve got you. And it doesn’t stop there. No matter what plan you’re on or how long you’ve been a customer you’ll still receive the same great service. 

What Business Owners Are Saying About Thrive

Whenever I have an issue it is always answered by an amazing person. They are always happy to help and offer advice. The app is constantly evolving to correct issues that other programs can not handle. It has saved me countless man hours using this system, not just for inventory management, but so much more.

The app is fantastic and getting better all the time. I don’t know how we survived without it! Best of all, the customer service is FAST and they actually know their product… I couldn’t be happier!

We switched to Thrive and it was the best decision we have ever made. The amount of features we will be able to use, as well as the ease of use is great. We are still getting used to it, but being able to keep track of all of our inventory between multiple platforms is going to help us immensely on keeping our inventory accurate.

Thrive Vs. Lightspeed Inventory Management
At A Glance

Free trial
30 days
14 days
Onboarding support
E-commerce integration
All plans
Only on the Standard plan and above
Feed integrations
Google for Retail, Meta
Google for Retail, Amazon, eBay, Walmart
Franchise support
Stock count syncing
Purchase orders
Catalog management
Inventory and sales reports
Custom reporting
Available for an additional cost
Advanced reporting
Professional plans and above
Only Advanced and Enterprise plans
Vendor management
Automatic re-ordering
Bill of materials

Who We Partner With

What Makes Thrive Different From Lightspeed

If you’re a retailer, we understand that stock is the lifeblood of your business and the complexities that come with it. That’s why we built a system that works for where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow. We’re passionate about inventory management and we do it right, so we’re glad you’re here. 

All Features Available During Your 30-Day Free Trial
You're growing and need more tools like PO's, barcode scanning and more
Starting at $79/mo
Starting at $199/mo
Starting at $399/mo
Starting at $799/mo
Locations / Integrations
Products / Items / SKUs
Transactions Per Month
Order History
3 Years
Reporting History
3 Years
Global Currency Support
Dashboard Reporting App
Barcode Scanner App
Alexa Voice Command
Catalog / Menu Management
SKU Creation
Lot COGS Management
Custom Reporting Engine
Product Profitability Reports
Theft / Discount Reports
Inventory Change Reports
Dead Inventory Reports
Inventory Valuation Reports
Low Inventory Reports
Low Stock Alerts
Price Tag / Label Printing
Stocktakes and Approvals
Pricing Calculator
Modifiers Configuration
Modifiers Inventory Tracking
Expiration Dates
Vendor Management
Vendor Performance Reports
Warehouse Feature
Internal Transfers
PAR Levels
Automatic Purchase Orders
Kits & Bundles Management
Recipe / Ingredients Tracking
Spreadsheet Upload Tools
User Access Permissions
Barcode Scan Stocktakes
Barcode Scan Invoices
Barcode Scan Purchase Orders
Barcode Scan Transfers
Intelligent Stock Forecasting
Automatic Stock Transfers
Beta Feature Access
Google for Retail Integration
QuickBooks Daily Sync
Optional +$30

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